During his studies of traditional chinese orthopedics and traumatology at different institutions of the well-known He family dynasty in the south-west of China, the doctor of medicine Dr. Karl Zippelius became acquainted with the amazing treatment methods and a wide variety of herbal formulas, which have been handed down for many generations.  
The roots of the orthopedic family He are in the Mongolian highlands. More than 1000 years ago the nomads blended plants and minerals into pastes and tinctures, treating injuries, pulled muscles and other joint and muscle pain.



This knowledge of the secret power of nature has been passed down in the He family from generation to generation and has been integrated with the teachings of traditional chinese medicine.


Dr. Zippelius was not only fascinated by the mindset of Asian healers but also by the surprising but evident results of their treatment methods. His intention to scientifically understand their successful treatment of orthopedic and traumatologic diseases which can hardly be explained by Western medicine led him to the study of the concepts of biophysics and quantum medicine.
The insights of modern physics and the application of its principles to living organisms make many fundamental concepts of traditional oriental medicine more intelligible. Mysterious concepts like "Qi" (universal life energy) of  Chinese medicine or "Prana"  („Spirit“) of Ayurvedic medicine acquire a more concrete and physical dimension.


Multidisciplinary research in the fields of physics, chemics, biology, medicine and computer science has brought about a new paradigm for basic vital processes: There is some evidence that body cells are able to communicate and exchange information through "light" (e.g. photon emission). This could be used for therapeutic purposes by using suitable bio information to help each individual cell  "remember" how to fulfil its original task in the best way or to repair the bodily programs (the "software") with the help of specific bio information. So modern science shows us a way to open our minds to the findings of oriental medical philosophy.

The human organism is an energetic entity which cannot be reduced to its single components or chemical processes.


Dr. Zippelius has been in direct contact with orthopedic clinics and research institutes in Sichuan (China) for 15 years now and was appointed Research Fellow to the "Chengdu Tianpeng Orthopedics  & Longevity Research Institute".


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Chengdu Military Bayi Orthopedics Hospital - Head Physician

Prof. He Tianzou (left side)


Dr. Zippelius runs a private medical clinic in Florence, Italy  since 1998, specialised in traditional orthopedics and traumatology,where the basic approach of western medicine is combined with TCM and natural procedures of diagnosis and treatment. 

He is head of the TCM department of the national austrian institute for sportsmedicine (Österreichisches Institut für Sportmedizin - ÖISM/ Wien).


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